West View Elementary PTA

West View Elementary PTA

Our West View PTA is a member of the North Carolina PTA.  We work hard to be sure that our school has the funds necessary for improvement projects, teacher appreciation events, etc.

We are always in need of more people to help!  We usually meet in the school media center on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.  Parents and teachers are welcome to attend to volunteer or just listen.  If you plan to attend, contact us and let us know just in case it is a rare time that our meeting time/date has changed.

West View Elementary School

Check out our school’s website. There you will find teacher web pages, policies, contact information, calendar, and much, much more!

WVES Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a team of parents and staff who collaborate with the principal for the purpose of enhancing the learning environment at West View Elementary.

What is an advisory council?

The Advisory Council is a team of parents and staff who collaborate with the principal for the purpose of enhancing the learning environment at West View Elementary.

Why do we have an advisory council?

The primary purpose of the advisory council is to serve in an advisory capacity to the principal and school board on matters that affect that school site. Local school advisory councils shall provide a means for citizens to have an integral part in the decision-making process at the school that he/she serves.

Who can serve as an advisory council member?

An advisory council member must be an adult who is a proponent of public education and must have demonstrated continual involvement and service to his/her local school. Local advisory councils will follow the guidelines established in Johnston County Board Policy 2040. The guidelines help compose advisory councils as follows:

  • All but two members must be parents, guardians, or grandparents of a child in the school.
  • Two council members may be at-large members.
  • A council member must resign or move “at large” status when his child/grandchild no longer attends the school which he/she serves.
  • Councils shall be composed of not fewer than 5 nor more than 9 members.
  • Racial and gender representation should be the mirror image of the student population.
How are advisory council members selected?

The following selection process should be used when filling vacant positions on advisory councils:

  • Vacancies should be posted in the school and with local media outlets so interested parties may apply.
  • Interested parties should submit a letter of interest to the local advisory council & a resume.
  • Local advisory councils will select the persons to fill vacancies by majority vote.
  • The principal must approve of the selection. If the principal does not approve the selection, then the advisory council will consider other possible candidates.

Once approval has been granted, the principal will submit the candidate to the local school board liaison.

Meeting Requirements
  • A minimum of 4 meetings, one each quarter, should be held each year.
  • All meetings should be publicized and are subject to North Carolina’s Open Meeting Laws.
  • Advisory council Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be selected at the last meeting of the year (before June 15) and will serve in that capacity the subsequent year.
  • Robert’s Rules of Order should be used to guide all meetings.
  • A quorum will consist of a simple majority of members.
  • A quorum must be established before any business can be conducted.

A copy of the minutes for each meeting shall be forwarded to the assistant superintendent for Administrative Services within two weeks after the meeting.

Why do we have an advisory council for individual schools?
  • Assist the county board of education in promoting good schools district-wide.
  • Assist in the execution of county, state, and federal school programs.
  • Advise in the preparation of local school budgets.
  • Advise on the care, use and protection of local school property.
  • Advise in all matters pertaining to the local schools.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the principal.
  • Meet when the need arises to communicate effectively the concerns of the local community.
Terms of Service
  • Advisory council members will serve 3-year terms of service.
  • Members selected to fill unexpired terms will serve the remainder of that term.
  • A member may serve an unlimited number of terms not to exceed the qualifications for candidates Term limits will conclude on June 15 of the final year of the term.
Attendance Requirements

Local school advisory council members must attend 50% of more of the regular scheduled meetings each year. Any member who fails to meet the meeting requirements should be reported by the principal to the school board liaison who represents the school.