Volunteers and PTA Membership

PTA Membership

The WVES PTA Membership Committee encourages parents, caregivers, and grandparents to support our PTA efforts by purchasing WVES PTA membership and coordinates membership campaigns.

See PTA Membership tables at Open House or ask you child’s teacher.   Link to join online coming soon!  Membership is $6.  This money gets you a membership with the National PTA and is also a fundraiser for West View.  National PTA membership has some awesome perks such a retail discounts including Staples! Learn more here.


The WVES PTA Volunteer Committee encourages and coordinates volunteer participation from parents, caregivers, and grandparents. Our schools need great volunteers!  Research shows that when parents are involved at school, their children have a better chance of being successful in academics and behavior.

New Volunteer Screening Process for Johnston County Schools – EVERYONE MUST UPDATE THEIR VOLUNTEER APPLICATION!

Whether you are already a volunteer or are a prospective volunteer, you must complete the NEW online registration process at: www.jcsvolunteers.com. The school will notify you of your approval status so that you can begin to volunteer.


There are so many things that we as volunteers can help with at our school.   If anything interests you or if you have questions or comments, please email our PTA Volunteer Coordinator.   As always, THANK YOU, to all of the volunteers who have put in countless hours to make WVES the best school in Johnston County!!